HubSpot Onboarding Services

Our HubSpot Onboarding Service is a comprehensive and personalized program designed to ensure the smooth and successful integration of the HubSpot CRM Platform into your organization. 


Smooth & Efficient Onboarding.

With our HubSpot Onboarding Service, you can confidently embrace the future, knowing that a dependable and compassionate partner will be right there with you. Our team provides the necessary guidance and support to transform the onboarding process into a truly positive and enriching experience for your entire team.

James provided professional and timely service while assisting our agency with HubSpot workflows and integrations. He walked us through the process with a screen share in real-time, which was extremely helpful to our team. We look forward to working with James and Tactic on various technical and HubSpot related problems we and our clients face. Highly recommended.

HubSpot Onboarding

Starter, Pro & Enterprise Hubs

Included in all 

  • Project Kick-Off
  • Users, Teams & Permissions Setup
  • Hubspot Account Configuration & Tracking
  • Email Sending Settings and Tracking
  • Brand Setup for Logo, Fonts, and colors
  • Data Flows in HubSpot & Data Segmentation
  • Import of Existing Contact Records (Contacts & Companies)
  • Creation of Previously Existing Custom Properties
  • Essential Traffic and Website Analytics Report
  • List Creation & Segmentation (Up to 5)
  • Opt-Out Lists Import
  • Portal Health Review
  • Advise & Enable Native Integrations (App Marketplace)
Pro & Enterprise Hub

Marketing Hub

  • Persona Property Setup for Contacts
  • Landing Page Settings & Subdomain Setup
  • Blog Domain & Subdomain Configuration
  • Privacy Compliance Setup
  • Default Form Setup & Styling
  • Social Media Integration & Configuration
  • E-commerce Integration Setup (Native Apps)
  • List Creation & Segmentation (Up to 5)
  • Advanced HubSpot Tool Tactics
  • Campaign Setup, Analysis, & Custom Reporting
  • Custom HubSpot Marketing Reports (Up to 3)
  • Lead Scoring Strategy & Implementation (Up to 20 Criteria)
  • Marketing Asset Migration (Max. of  5)
Pro & Enterprise Hub

Sales Hub

  • Advise on Optimal Sales Setup
  • Deal Pipelines & Stages Configuration
  • Import of Existing Products into Hubspot CRM Database
  • Contacts and Companies Ownership Syncing
  • Automatic Company Property Filling with Hubspot Insights
  • Privacy Compliance Setup
  • Meetings Tool Configuration (Gmail or Outlook Integration)
  • Essential Sales Reports and Dashboards Setup
  • Advanced HubSpot Tool Tactics
  • Custom HubSpot Sales Reports (Up to 3)
  • Sales Email Template Creation (Max of 3)
  • Advanced Deal Pipeline Customization
Pro & Enterprise Hub

Service Hub

  • Configuration of Email Sending Settings and Tracking
  • Creation of Previously Existing Custom Properties
  • Ticket Migration from Previous System
  • Advise & Enable Native Integrations (App Marketplace)
  • Custom Hubspot Service Reports (Up to 3)
  • Ticket Routing and Notifications Implementation
  • Team Inbox for Service Request Configuration
  • Knowledge Base & Subdomain Setup

Tactic Onboarding Benefits

Effective CRM Onboarding

Streamlined and tailored onboarding to your business needs, maximizing your organizational adoption.

Personal Experts

Personalized training and guidance enable your team to fully understand and effectively use the HubSpot CRM Platform.

Accelerated Process

Work Sessions help you quickly integrate HubSpot into your organization, saving valuable time and resources

Data Management

Implement best practices for data management, ensuring clean, accurate, and accessible data within the HubSpot CRM.

User Mgmt & Permissions

Thorough user access and permissions management training promoting a secure environment with clear roles and responsibilities.

Adoption Strategy

Develop a clear plan for HubSpot adoption, ensuring successful integration and long-term user engagement.

Work Session Based HubSpot Onboarding

Our Work Sessions offer a practical and educational approach honed from years of extensive HubSpot expertise, ensuring you gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform and become a master of its wide range of functionalities. Led by our team of HubSpot Certified Trainers, our onboarding services provide a personalized roadmap that will streamline your experience and drive maximum adoption.

James helped our team migrate our marketing website from being self-hosted with a headless WordPress CMS to HubSpot & we couldn't have done it without him! He brought a lot of HubSpot knowledge to the plate which sped up the process significantly. He was able to help get us set up with a HubSpot theme, created custom modules, & migrated our blog posts from WordPress in working sessions with our team. Not only did he help with all of that, but he also provided excellent training for the team. James is extremely professional & was such a pleasure to work with!

Recorded Sessions

Each session is recorded via Zoom and available to your team by the next day.

Simple Collaboration

Collaborate, track progress, and request support from a dedicated Miro Board.

Your Sessions

Every session is valid for 1 year from the original date. See FAQs for more info.


Sessions are the same day, same time every week to get things done consistently.

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