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Pivot Energy Customer Story


Website: https://www.pivotenergy.net/


Pivot Energy is a national clean energy provider that develops, finances, builds, owns and manages solar energy and energy storage projects. Pivot offers a distributed energy platform that includes a range of services and software aimed at serving the full solar ecosystem. Pivot is a Certified B-Corporation that proudly follows a corporate strategy aimed at providing a positive impact on society as measured by Environmental stewardship, Social leadership, and responsible Governance (ESG) factors.  As a Revenue & Website Operations Consultant, I led the transition to the HubSpot platform to improve their marketing & sales operations and website management.


When Pivot Energy contracted me, the marketing team was looking to scale their sales and marketing efforts and bring new advanced technologies into their overall operation.. The website management operation also needed an update to ensure that it was aligned with the company's commitment to a cleaner approach to power generation.


As the Revenue & Website Operations Consultant, I led the transition to the HubSpot CRM Enterprise platform, including migrating their WordPress website to a custom HubSpot CMS theme. This transition consolidated their existing technologies and provided a more streamlined approach to their marketing operations and website management.


Within 12 months, I successfully migrated the marketing and sales lead generation teams to HubSpot as their primary tool for day-to-day operation. Since the full transition, Pivot Energy has experienced exponential growth in revenue and overall operations for running marketing campaigns, managing the website, and full-circle reporting. The HubSpot platform has provided a reliable and dynamic platform for Pivot Energy to achieve its mission to accelerate the transition to a cleaner approach to power generation.


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