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EDO Customer Story


Website: https://edo.com/


EDO is a leading platform for measuring the immediate impact of TV advertising across linear and streaming. Modern marketers across brands and networks use real-time TV engagement signals and world-class decision science to maximize creative and media performance. EDO's investment-grade data aligns advertising investments with business results, providing detailed competitive, category, historical, and predictive intelligence.


EDO's marketing team managed a disjointed website built from different data sources, taking up valuable time from their in-house developers. They needed a better way to manage their marketing web pages and bring all their data from various sources into one system.


As a Revenue Operations and HubSpot Expert Consultant, I guided EDO through different website solutions and landed on HubSpot CMS Hub. I leveraged the ease of the CMS Hub drag-and-drop page builder, migrated their data to HubDB, and migrated their blog content to CMS Hub Blog. I also trained the EDO team on CMS Hub, enabling them to perform many migration tasks with my oversight.


Within four weeks, the EDO team streamlined its website operation, making it more agile in building new web pages, creating marketing campaigns, and updating existing content. The new website is currently undergoing final approvals and is set to launch in April 2023. The HubSpot CMS Hub has provided a well-oiled operation for EDO to manage their website and bring all their data from various sources into one system.


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